Installation and Services

Let us help you design the tank of your dreams!  With professional and friendly installers, and may varieties of corals to choose from, we can create the perfect aquarium for you.  


Please call us or email to get a quote or to schedule an appointment


Servicing Established Tanks

Servicing tanks big and small, having issues give us a call! No time to take care of your tank? No problem! We are here to help! Best prices and service in the Seattle area!

Our weekly and bi-weekly service includes but not limited to:

  • Complete cleaning of the tank
  • Water changes (Premium Salt Included)
  • Vacuuming and cleaning the substrate media
  • Remove and replace all filter media (Media Included)
  • Water parameters resting
  • Live Reef Monitoring services
  • Best equipment with latest technology

New Tank Setup

Small Tank Installation

Small tank installation includes tanks up to 50 gallons.  Equipment not included in the installation price.

Medium Tank Installation

Medium tank installation includes tanks from 50 to 149 gallons.  Equipment not included in the installation price.

Large Tank Installation

Large tank installation includes tanks of 150 to 300 gallons.  Equipment not included in the installation price. 

Extra Large Installation

Extra large installation includes tanks of 301 gallons and up.  Equipment not included in the installation price.

Emergency Services

At your door in no time to take care of any emergency that you may have. Anything from a leaking system to pest control, our technicians are highly trained to handle any situation.

After hour rates will apply to service calls made outside of regular business/service hours.