Nero 5 Wavemaker By Aquaillumination

on June 05, 2019

Aqua Illumination is one of the original LED lighting companies in the world. So with the release of their first ever Nero 5 submersible wavemaker pump we were very excited to see what they were able to create. One of the biggest motivations in our opinion for Aqua Illumination to produce a submersible pump was their merge with Ecotech Marine. With Ecotech‘s Vortech pumps totally dominating the market with their Quiet Drive wireless technology, AI had to come up with a pump that will compete when it comes to the low profile design and extremely powerful water movement that is distributed more evenly throughout the tank. To achieve the desired performance of the pump AI revolutionized their pump the have its internal motor surrounded by a broad spinning propeller, by doing so the Nero 5 is able to move a great amount of cross cross section of water in a manner which generates the most water movement for our reef tanks.

Having a super low profile design with a lot of water movement is awesome, but with the simplicity of their one button “smart controler” and Bluetooth LE the Nero 5 has changed the game when it comes to submersible pumps.

Plenty of pumps and smart aquarium devices use bluetooth as a protocol for wireless connection and control but the AI Nero 5 is the first to use the newest flavor of Bluetooth called Bluetooth LE. This new wireless standard requires no discovery or pairing of associated devices and is instantly recognized by the myAI smartphone app. This results in a seamless setup and installation experience where users can immediately start dialing in the Nero 5 to their needs and ‘make it dance’ from the convenience of their smartphones.

We here at Sea City Corals will be installing the Nero 5 pumps on our frag system and a SPS dominant tank to truly test out the pumps performance in the long run. And with a price point that is $50 lower than the Vortech MP10‘s and twice the water movement we are very excited to see them in action.