Kessil A360X

on May 30, 2019

Kessil A360X is one of the most versatile lighting system designs we’ve seen from an reef LED light in a long time. The X model of Kessil’s popular 360 spotlight is much smaller than its predecessor but offers 25% more power and spread than before, but if you wanted to concentrate some of this coral growing power for deeper tanks, the Kessil narrow reflector is perfect for the job.

Where the 360E & 360WE were designed to be focused first and then diffused, the 360X has a broad lighting spread which is easily focused using their add-on narrow reflector. This optic for the Kessil 360X easily attaches to the fixture using magnets to increase light up to three times the PAR over a smaller area. 

The addition of the narrow reflector is ideal for getting more punch in deeper tanks, increased light for SPS corals, and to get more poignant contrast of colors and shadows. The narrow reflector is the first accessory for the Kessil 360X and while it won’t be the last, it will certainly be one of the most important and functional when it comes to fine tuning the appearance of light over any aquarium.

The shimmer from Kessil lighting  is much like what you would see in natural underwater environments as light rays from the sun penetrate through the ocean’s water column.

Kessil has carefully selected and mixed the colors of the chips within their Dense Matrix Array so that the color mix produces light within the optimal range for photosynthesis (primarily within 380-470nm wavelength). Kessil calls this the “Core Spectrum.”

Kessil a360x tuna blue color mixing spectrum

A360X has more color control, opening unlimited color combinations for aesthetics while maintaining the performance of the core spectrum

They have released two new models; Tuna Blue is for reef tanks and offers a white-to-blue spectrum to meet a coral’s demands and the Tuna Sun is a yellow-to-white mix suited for freshwater planted aquariums.

Comparing to other lights, A360X has a lower profile design with higher light output over a larger area, thanks to the redesigned, first-class, sunflower heat sink.

Kessil was able to shrink the light down in size by redesigning the heat-sink. This new sunflower heat-sink, combined with vortex airflow, allows for significantly more effective heat dissipation than the previous model.

Because of the upgraded cooling efficiency, the Kessil A360X produces 25% more light output than its predecessor, the A360WE. This is because the A360X can push the LED’s output to a higher level without overheating the LED’s.

Because of the larger array and an upgraded 130-degree angle lens, the A360X has boosted this spread to a whopping 36” square, while the older A360WE would only accommodate up to a 24” square spread. This allows for better light dispersion and less hot-spots.

The A360X features the same two-dial control that Kessil users are already familiar with. One dial controls the visual color while the other dial controls the intensity. One upgrade to these adjustment options is that where the A360WE and other previous models were only dimmable down to 10%, the A360X allows adjustment continuously all the way down to 0%. This means you can program the light to run at a low enough intensity for moonlighting using the new Kessil Spectral Controller X.

The new K-Link communication method is an upgrade of the easily plug & play 0-10V, allowing users to network multiple A360X together and set individual groups to run their own programs.

You can control each individual unit using the control knobs or they can be controlled as a set using the Kessil Spectral Controller X.

As for me personally I will be setting up the A360X models over the next SPS dominant tank going up in the office. We will be closely monitoring the coral growth, color development and overall happiness of the tank and will report on it in a follow up post.

Happy Reefing!